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Richie Bros. is proud to be a 3rd generation business.

Richie Bros. is a third generation family owned and operated business, and since 1912, has been keeping both residential and commercial clients comfortable. Operating under the name of R. Parlato Heating and Air Conditioning since its inception, the name was changed to Richie Bros. in 1986.

Parlato Bros was started by the owners Great Grandfather and has continued to grow making sure to keep up with the ever-changing world of heating and air conditioning.

Much has changed over the past 100 years, but not the company’s commitment to customer service. Richie Bros. prides itself on offering the best and most affordable HVAC service in the area and will make sure that you are taken care of, even in an emergency.

Never one to walk away from a customer in need, Richie Bros. will make sure that any and all problems are fixed before leaving the premises.

When it comes to the oldest and most established HVAC maintenance, service, repair and installation company in the area, you will not do better than Richie Bros. Best of all, Richie Bros. offers two years of free maintenance on all installations. Call for a no obligation consultation today.

CT HVAC Lic. #00387539 / West. Cty Plumbing Lic. #781

Great Job, thanks Richie Bros!


Mr. V, New Rochelle, NY (2017)

Thanks for a great install!

Mr. C, Bronx (2017)

Thanks for a great job Richie Bro’s. Thank you for sending Percy, Dillon and Mike, they were absolutely great to work with.

Mrs. G, Greenwich, CT (2017)

Thank you Richie brothers for a great boiler installation this past week end, the guys moped and scrubbed all the dirty water on the floor,

We really appreciate the fast response.

Thanks again

Mrs J, Bronxville (2017)

On Wednesday, just before July 4th holiday weekend, our central air and heating stopped working.  We needed to replace the entire system and also our hot water heater.  Other companies told us they could do it by the following Tuesday or Wednesday.  Richie Bros. came in, assessed the situation and had a new system working perfectly by that Friday afternoon.  The job was professional, neat and clean and seems to be a big improvement in service from our very old system.

Thank you again Richie Brothers

Susan H, Eastchester (2016)

I just wanted to thank you for your speedy work and response with our AC unit.  You and your men were so nice and wonderful as well.  We will definitely be using you again in the future!
Jen S, Port Chester (2016)

Probably the best family run business I have ever employed.

Responsive, professional and fair.

Martin, Bronxville (2016)

Thanks Richie Bros.


Your guys Dillon, Percy and Leo did an outstanding job and were very clean.


PS. My new Trane system is very quiet. Thanks again!

Mr. P, Scarsdale (2016)

Thanks to Craig and your team for a great job. We are very happy with our new system.

Mr. & Mrs. G, Hartsdale (2016)

Richie Bros. did an amazing job installing my new Trane AC unit. Thanks for your service.

Mr. B, Bronxville (2016)

Thanks Richie Bros for the clean job!

Mr. & Mrs. A, Hartsdale (2016)


Thanks for a great job. The guys were very clean and neat.

Your 40 year customer

Mrs. K, New Rochelle (2016)

Richie Bros,

Thanks to Gil and his helper for another great job. It was really hot thanks for getting our AC on quickly.

Mr. C, Rye NY (2016)

Thanks uncle Rich for my new Mitsubishi it works Great!


Your Niece

Nicole B. (2016)



Thanks for a great unico high velocity you and your employees performed in my home with no disruptions. All other companies said this job could not be done. Thanks again

Mr. C, Scarsdale (2016)

Thanks for the brilliant A/C maintenance all these years.

John & Mary S, Bronxville (2016)

Thanks for a great job on the Unico install!

Mrs. J, Bronxville (2016)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Thank you for all you and the entire staff at Richie Bros. have done for me over the years. Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy year. Cheers!

Meagan S, Bronxville (2015)

They first sent an estimator to check what we had, and discuss our needs and options, and to make a firm quote based on what we decided.  Then, when we went ahead, they scheduled the work for the next day, and showed up on time to the minute.
The crew knew their business, and cared about doing a first class job, leaving our home as clean as before they arrived, with no surprises about needing something else done for added cost.  At the end, one of the men took photos of the finished job, which seems to be company policy, and shows that the boss cares about the work that’s done.
All in all a 1st class operation in every respect.

Mr. B, New Rochelle (2015)

Unit working well. Your staff did a good job. Thank you.

Mr. D, New Rochelle (2015)

Richie Bros. installed central air in our house when we moved in 20 years ago. It was time to replace the system (it still worked great but wasn’t efficient), clean the duct work, replace the existing flexible duct in the attic with R8 flex and insulate the existing metal duct  work with R8 insulation and epoxy coat.

Richie Bros. did a fabulous job 20 years ago and they did a fabulous job now. The (Trane) system they originally installed worked flawlessly for 20 years –Richie Bros. cleaned and serviced it each year but only once or twice did it ever need a repair. I was reluctant to replace the system since it still worked but wanted to improve efficiency, cut my electric costs and get the available rebate. I also feared the mess of taking out the old equipment and installing the new. Well, I had nothing to fear. First, The owner was most responsive  and came by to walk through with me exactly what he needed to do and was happy to price out various options–he never pushed a high end approach but let me make the decision. He also told me exactly what I had to do with all my stuff in the attic to make the space accessible to his men. Once I made the decision to move ahead, The owner was able to start as soon as I could clean out my attic.  The owner sent two crews (four individuals) on Monday 4/14 and they finished yesterday, 4/16. All of the workmen have worked for Richie Bros. for years–they were lovely and did an absolutely meticulous job. They covered their boots with protective slippers so as not to scuff my floors and put down drop cloths everywhere in the vicinity. They worked quietly and efficiently and expertly. I couldn’t be happier with the job Richie Bros. did and would give them the highest recommendation.  (They also sent an incredibly neat and professional team to clean our ducts.)

Jane, Bronxville (2015)

Thanks for the job you and your crew did on the A/C it exceeded my expectations. It is now a pleasure to come in the door and feel the cool air when its 90 outside. Job done in perfect timing. Thanks for sending a great crew and special thanks to your son. I have procrastinated on doing this job for years as I dreaded big ducts all over the house, but you made it possible and kept it whisper quiet. Job very well done.

Mr. C, Bronxville (2015)

Richie Bros has been my HVAC provider for 13 years.  During that time, Richie Bros has replaced the air conditioner / air handler, the hot water boiler and most recently the steam boiler.  In every case, the Richie Bros team are the same experienced technicians who know the systems that heat and cool my house.  I don’t have to explain where anything is; they know.    Given the complexity of the job, The owner himself led the project which required three experienced technicians at any one time over a 4 day period.

Richie Bros is at the upper end of the cost structure, but for that price he puts trained professionals on the job who understand how a complete system operates. The old system was removed and the new system installed.  Anyone can hook up a steam boiler and walk away.  Richie Bros will do the right job end to end.  That means testing for CO, checking connections for leaks, joining new pipes to the steam boiler, and connecting electrical wiring between the controls and the steam boiler.  He also installed a new digital thermostat.  The owner is a stickler in asking his team to follow all applicable standards including safety procedures (an all clear test of the chimney flue for leaks or the presence of CO.).  They inspected and tested the system to detect any malfunctions.  He is willing to and has come back to the house several times to ensure the system functions properly.  I cannot emphasize enough that in addition to the equipment installation, there was not one mark on the wall or on the carpet in the living areas leading to the boiler room.

You get what you pay for and, in this case, the Richie Bros team consistently delivers to a high standard.  After all, it’s more than buying and installing new equipment. Anyone can do that.  It’s also about knowledge, training, professionalism, establishing a long term relationship and trust.

Patricia, New Rochelle (2015)

Everything is working fine. Thank you to Gary for a good and neat job.

Arlene M, Scarsdale (2015)

When our central air conditioning system stopped working during the heat wave, we were not happy. Actually, we were quite hot and bothered.

We appreciate your quick service to send someone out to declare time of death for our system. Of course, then came the time we all sweat over, getting the new system installed properly, and in a timely manner. We were quite impressed with the crew that you sent out to dismantle the old air handler and condensing unit, reinstall them both, and re-run all the wires and lines between them. These lines of course run through a crawl spaces that is too small even for squirrels. I couldn’t believe that Dillon actually got into that hole they had cut in the wall of our crawl space.

These guys worked in intense humidity, during the heat wave, in our attic, in the crawl space and outside with all the energy of an Olympic team. They had to go up and down the stairs, in and out of the attic and were unflagged even in the heat. I wish that I could have turned the A/C on for them! They had laid down drop clothes and were very respectful of our home.

That is the most you can ask for in a work crew.

Thank you for sending such a top team to get our air conditioning back into full working order. I hope that we will not need any service on our central air, but if we do, we will call you and we’ll recommend you to all of our friends.

Mr. Jerry L, Eastchester (2015)

Thank you for so many wonderful years of service. After designing our HVAC almost nine years ago, your company has provided us with stellar service, a rare quality these days.

Your technicians have been polite and informative. They have also shown us many ways to save money. They come on time and are fast, neat and courteous.

Most impressive has been your company’s response to a billing question. Thank you for making the process so easy.

Mr. & Mrs. B, Scarsdale (2015)

Thank you, great job! Great service!

Mrs. F, Mamaroneck (2015)

Dear Richie Bros.

Thank you so much for all the great work. Please tell John and his crew we really appreciated their efficiency and courtesy in what I assume can be a very messy job. They were all professionals and it was a pleasure to have them in the house. They made it painless.

Thanks again

Mr. P. - Pelham Manor (2014)

Old boiler had broken and was leaking water all over my finished basement. Richie Brothers first came out to look at it as an emergency call to stabilize the situation. They then handled the replacement of the boiler and moving of my water tank so the new boiler could fit in to the room.

It was a terrific experience in a bad situation. This scenario is exactly why I have an Angie’s List account.
My wife and I noticed when we returned from vacation that there was water in our carpeted basement by the washing machine outside the boiler room. We thought we had a leak in the washer and set out to clean up the water before it did too much damage. Long story short, it turns out it was our boiler that was leaking water and operating in a dangerous state.
I went on to Angies List to find local plumbers that could come out right away. After making a few calls I was connected with Craig at Richie Brothers. He dispatched someone immediately to come assess the situation. The gentleman came onsite, explained what had happened and laid out our options.
He then bled the system and drained all the water so it would not continue to leak in to the basement. He was methodical and prepared. Not to mention extremely neat in doing his work.
Once he was done, I went back on Angies List to bid out the work to Richie Brothers and 2 other companys. I do this as a matter of practice though I was leaning towards Richie Brothers anyway. After hosting the other two and reviewing bids I was more than happy to go with Craig and the guys at Richie Brothers. I was not disappointed.

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