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Heating and air conditioning preventive maintenance

Heating and air conditioning repair

Oil to gas conversions

Installation of heating and air conditioning equipment:

·        Boilers

·        Furnaces

·        Hot water heaters/indirect hot water heaters

·        Humidifiers/dehumidifiers

·        Hydro systems

·        Ductless

·        Radiant heat

·        Air handlers

·        Condensers

Maintenance Agreements 

Richie Bros. offers maintenance agreements to help homeowners save money and keep equipment running efficiently. A maintenance agreement with Richie bros. will cover your equipment for an entire year for just a one-time payment. Maintenance agreements offer a variety of benefits such as, maintenance discounts, labor rate discounts, parts discounts and of course priority service. Contact us to learn more about our maintenance agreement program at (914)576-7661 or rvbmechan@aol.com

R22 Government Phase Out

As proactive professionals it is our job to inform you that there are cooling systems in your home that do not comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulations for HVAC equipment. In October of 2014, the EPA passed a final ruling under the Clean Air Act to phase out production and consumption of certain chemicals that are harmful to the ozone layer, including R22 refrigerant, the freon required to run your AC system. Now is the time to think about when it is right for you to replace this equipment.  As a socially responsible service provider we support “Earth Friendly” 410A refrigerant. We are stressing this action now because the phase out will limit the amount of R22 available each year, from now until 2020. The relationship of supply and demand holds true, the less amount of R22 available, the more costly it will be. By 2020, R22 will no longer be produced.

If your equipment is less than eight years old there is an option to convert to Dupont M099 refrigerant that is also Earth Friendly. This conversion is seamless and is only recommended if your equipment can sustain it. Please know, with this replacement refrigerant you will lose up to 15% of the BTU cooling output and there are cost implications.

A second consideration is that all mercury thermostats must be replaced as they violate government regulations.

Call now to schedule your complimentary estimate for system replacement or upgrade. Do not wait, it will only end up costing you more, the time is now.

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